Frantic Freighter

Rush to hide contraband from the police robot inspecting your spaceship.

The games title screen, created by one of my collaborators

The player can pickup, throw, and store contraband in containers as the police robot moves around the level, searching for contraband. If the robot searches a container while contraband is stored in it, spots contraband in the open, or sees the player while they’re carrying contraband, it’s game over. If the player can prevent the robot from doing for a minute and a half, they win.

Animated gif of the game in action

The game was created in Unity in 5 days for the Extra Credits Game Jam #5. This was not my first game jam experience, but it was my first game jam with a team, providing me experience with communication and collaboration under time pressure. Programming wise, the project allowed me to learn basic tool development, as I needed to create an easy way to place a path for the AI character.

Screenshot of the utility I created to place paths for the AI.

I was responsible for all the programming and for the design of the core game mechanics. My team members did the art and level design. The audio assets were made by Imphenzia and purchased from the Unity Asset Store. The controller prompt assets in the UI were made by Xelu and acquired for free from