Hi! I’m Lily Kay, a techical designer with a Bachelor of Arts in Game Design and 2+ years of experince in the industry.

I’m enthusiastic about both programming and design, and have experience bringing games to life both solo and with teams of various sizes. I’m passionate about working with and helping others, improving tooling and workflow to allow myself and other developers to iterate effectively, and learning about every aspect of the game development process.

My main industry experience is working as a Systems Designer on New World at Amazon Game Studios since mid 2022, but in my time there I’ve also done programming work on data validation tools, and used my personal experience as a programmer to better inform my designs and more quickly diagnose bugs.

I also have experience on personal projects in other aspects of both programming and design, particularly prototyping player controllers and other moment to moment gameplay, programming architecture for game data so that its easily edited and iterated upon, and level design.